I’m busy digging a new, comfy hole!

Hiya again Waffles! :-) Do you or your momma know of a good place to buy a tortoise online, if you can't find a certain kind at a reptile show?

Hi friend! I don’t know where online to find a good tort breeder but I do know that our friends at Port Credit Pets (where I came from) ship. I would also look on Tortoise Forum. They have listings of good breeders there. Good luck!

Just when I thought spring was here, the snow took it all away. So sad.

Just when I thought spring was here, the snow took it all away. So sad.

Wait, what do you guys eat then?

Hi Xowl! We eat lots of different things.

We have our tort food: Zoo Med grassland tort which is dried hays and grass, Repashy grassland grazer which is filled with all sorts of stuff and Mazuri tort food. Mom mixes all three together to make “tortie slop”.

During the summer we eat clover, dandies, plantain, chicory, hibiscus, grass and whatever tasty sruff mom finds for us.

For treats we get spring mix (but we hate the red leaves), romaine lettuce, kale, radichio, pumpkin, and watermelon a couple of times a year because “it’s just water”.

My most favourite is toast though which I’m not allowed to have so I have to steal a nibble when mom’s not looking.

biggiethedachshund replied to your photo post
“do they make cuddle caves for Dachshunds too! I’m thinking about getting one for Bigs to burrow in :)”

Hi Biggie! I don’t know if they make one big enough for dachshunds. The lady who made our cave makes them for hedgehogs. She calls herself Geeky Hogs and mom found her on Facebook.

Hi there! Can you guys eat eggs? Have you tried them? What about tomatoes? I absolutely adore tomatoes and eat them like apples :3

Hi Chevko! We can’t eat eggs or fruit. Since we are desert torts, our diet gets no protein like meat, bugs or eggs and no fruit or veggies like tomatoes because it upsets our tummies.

A new present in the mail! We love our snuggle sacks but this is a cuddle cave. Mom says it is like a couch for torties. I like it!

Come on Beans! It’s our chance to run to feeedom!

Come on Beans! It’s our chance to run to feeedom!

hey waffles! I have had a sulcata before, unfortunately he passed away two years ago and his name was felix. Two years later, my mom said she knows someone with connections and can help us! This time, I think i am considering a Hermann's tortoise because i don't think i have enough room for a sulcata anymore!

Oooh! Hermanns are nice torties, friend Sheldon is one. I hope you get a new friend soon. Tortie love is the best :)

Yeah toast! Om nom nom nom snarf!