Hello Waffles! You are a very nice looking tortoise. Would you tell me what your favourite food is, your special requirements and fun facts about you? I own a beardie, but I've never really asked a question to a tortoise...

Hello! I also recieved an message to post 10 things about me so I will do two messages at once :}

1) My favourite foods are dandies, cactus, hibiscus, clover, watermelon, pumpkin, plantain, brussel sprouts and fresh grass. My favourite forbidden foods I’m not allowed to have but that doesn’t stop me from trying are toast and dog poo.

2) My current indoor home is a bookcase filled with soil and reptibark. Mom grows grass in it for the winter so we can graze.

3) My hatchday is January 10, 2013. Mango is one year older than me.

4) I love soft things. I cuddle with sloth and hippo but mom tucks me in every night with my fleece blanket. I also like pillows.

5) I am mom’s first ever reptile. Her mom is terrified of most reptiles so she wasn’t allowed to have any as pets. Grandmom loves me and Mango though.

6) I live with two humans (mom & dad), three dogs (Bailey, Molly & Beans), one cat (Ewan) and Mango of course.

7) I am a sulcata tortoise which is the third largest tortoise in the world. I will get to be around 100 lbs. Currently I am 4 1/2 pounds.

8) I have gone through the McDonalds drive through a number of times and have successfully shut down all production while everyone admired me. Mom ordered me a side salad. I have also been to Walmart and the grocery store but no one even knew!

9) I got more Christmas cards than mom did last year. I got ones from Australia, Germany, England and all over the states. I love getting mail!

10) I had a gurgly belly today and farted kind of loud. Mango didn’t approve.

So Mr Waffles, I borrowed some ideas from your mom for my new Redfoot since you seem to love them so much. My baby loves her stuffed Bulldog and I'm currently looking at a soft dog house like that turtle one she got you. And we're gonna have our first Netflix cuddle times tonight. You have an awesome Momma and thank her for the awesome parenting tips! Lots of love from me and baby Middie Deryn Sharp!

It sounds like you are a very good mom indeed! I just finished watching Hemlock Grove on Netflix. It was super scary and I tucked my head into my shell a few times. Good thing I have sloth to keep me safe.

Today I put on my best dinosaur face and trimmed our napping hosta. Mom calls this pose “veggiesaurus”.

Hey I made a blog for my tortoise Cornelius if u want to follow it it is called tortoisesarehip

We will definately follow Cornelius!

Spent today helping mom with the mail. May have even slipped in a few items of our own. Mail is so much fun!

Spent today helping mom with the mail. May have even slipped in a few items of our own. Mail is so much fun!

Another nice day and breakfast outside. Mom says we need to enjoy every day out possible since she’s pretty sure that winter will come early this year. She even mentioned getting our indoor pen ready for our long stay inside. Sounds like I may have to take the car for a joyride down south!

will-oh-whisper replied to your post:
“hey waffles! i was wondering, who takes care of you and mango, and takes cute photos of you when your mom is away?”

Hi Will-oh! When mom’s away, dad takes care of us. Sometimes he sends picture to mom of what we’re up to. Mom’s not going away for a while now though so we will get spoiled every day!

Mom is home and it’s to.e for some spoilings. First we had a nice warm bath followed by relaxation in bed. Then it was dandie time IN bed! Now we are going to the clover patch. Such a great start to the day.

Hi Waffles! I got my first baby Sulcata 2 days ago but he hasn't eaten yet. I've given him shredded Timothy hay, a few Mazuri pellets, and offered him some mustard greens. What could I use to perk his appetite? Is there another food I should try giving him?

Hello! Little baby torts tend to like softer foods since their beaks aren’t as strong as big torts. He probably won’t eat the hay for awhile, timothy hay is pretty hard and difficult to take a bite out of. The Mazuri should be ok though if you soften it with water and make it into a paste. As your tort gets older, you can make it less soft and more challenging to eat. Other baby friendly foods are softened Zoo Med grassland tort food (you can find that at Petsmart) and Repashy grassland grazer (found online or at reptile stores). Btw, your baby tort may take a week or too to make a poop so don’t be too worried if that’s the case. Good luck with your new baby!

Mom is still at the art show but sent me pictures of some turtle and tort art that is there. So pretty!