According to mom, I’m a size 8 now :}

According to mom, I’m a size 8 now :}

We were outside for a bit but then it started to rain. That’s ok, the outside is inside now!

Hi waffles! I just recently took my little guy to the vet for soft shell. His name is Remmy and he's a sulcata about the size of a ping pong ball. The vet told me not to worry and that a little bit of squish was normal for his age and that he's about to have a growth spurt. She gave me some liquid calcium medicine just to be sure. So my question is, have you or your mom had any experiences with this and also good tips on how to get him to take the liquid medicine would be much appreciated!

Hello! My shell had soft spots until I was about 6 months old. Mom was worried too until she found out that was normal. I’ve never had liquid calcium before but I do get the powdered kind. Mom just sprinkles it on my food. Could your mom just mix the calcium in your food too? Hope that helps :}

Nice day out for a stomp today. While doing my rounds, I found a new sleeping hosta had moved into the pen. I approved of it after realizing that the leaves were larger and could make for better shade coverage on my shell. I haven’t tasted it yet though, I’m still full from breakfast. Mom was out doing some yard work and gave me a refreshing shower so I could continue to stomp to my heart’s content.

Waffles, would you like to meet The Senator? He's a Russian Tortoise, so much smaller then you. But he's very friendly and enjoys mixed salad greens, plantain, dandelion leaves, the occasional fruit, and violets!

Most definately! Unless he’s that creepy senator from the Walking Dead in which case, I’m not interested.

A question for mango- what does the "L." stand for in your name?

The L is for Leopard because that’s what kind or tort she is. My S is for sulcata. Unofficially though, Mango says the L is for Louise and I say my S is for sexy.

Hello, Waffles! You are such a cute tortoise! I was wondering how old you are, and what is your favorite tortoise-friendly food?!

Hello! I am a year and seven months old and I love dandies and hibiscus :}

I love how well your mom takes care of you. Tell her i have learned a lot from her. You are adorable and should be very proud to have a loving mom like yours.

Thank you friend! We love mom and will tell her your message :}

ellenkirkpatrick replied to your photo post “Don’t you two have a loft? Or is this a second indoor romping area?”

Hi Ellen! This is the same area as we have had for awhile. Mom had to take the loft down once I went through my growth spurt because I could climb out and she didn’t want me to hurt myself.

As you saw the other day, mom made our indoor pen bigger for the upcoming winter. Well today she made it into a home. First she brought in our hibiscus because it can’t survive in the snow. Then she added a breakfast bar so we could graze when the grass is all gone. Mom says there are still a couple of tweaks to be done but we are happy and have been up stomping well past our bed time.