Ohh comparing your shell to Mangoes made me understand pyramiding much better! I thought it was what your shell looked like Waffles! Im glad you mentioned that picture, definitely helped! Thank you! <3

That’s what we are here for. Helping humans and torties one post at a time :}

Hi, I was wondering how to get some weeds for my tortoise (nickname is Koma!) I don't want to pick anything outside my garden because there might be pesticides on it and my garden is INVESTED with little bugs. I am a horrible gardener.

Hello! People and their pesky pesticides make finding food a pain in the butt! If you know who takes care of the lawn by your house, you could always ask if pesticides are being used. You could also go to natural areas that aren’t maintained and get weeds there. As for buggies, you can give your weeds a wash before giving them to Koma and then you know the dirt and bugs are gone. Happy picking!

I was told a normal vet wouldnt be very knowledgable about an exotic tortoise breed so I was wondering if you had any advice on whether he will get better or ever grow? (he has a Uv light and basking light now also) Thankyou!

Hello again! Not all vets have experience with exotics so you may want to ask around to see if there is one in your area you can visit. As long as your tort had the right foods like grasses, hays and weeds, is well hydrated and had the proper environment, there is no reason why he won’t grow. It may take time though because of the healing he has to do. Keep a weight record and you will know for sure if he is growing.

Hello Waffles I hope its okay if I ask for some help? I rescued a sulcata recently from a home where he had no uv light and was fed on only iceberg lettuce. He is apparently 6 years old but very very small perhaps the size of a hermanns tortoise. His shell is badly pyramided but is no longer soft due to me feeding him properly and nutrients. I am unsure as to if he will ever grow though? Also his jaw is slightly mishapen and he can find it hard to eat unless I help him-

Hello tortie mom. Sounds like your tort grew up in the same kind of environment as Mango. Mom helped with her shell by giving her lots of calcium and uv light. If your tort can spend time outside, that will really help too, even if it’s only for a half hour. It took a bit to notice Mango’s shell starting to grow but weighing her once a month helped mom keep track of her progress. Most spots are growing out smooth but the parts of her shell with the deepest grooves are not quite as smooth as mom would like. It could just be that it will never grow quite right because of the severity of her pyramiding. Take pictures too because sometimes you don’t really see the difference until you can go back and compare. Good luck with your tortie, you’ve already made life better :}

Hi Waffles! I just wanted to pop in and say I love you and your sister so much! Seeing your cute little faces on my dash make me so happy and really brightens my day. Keep being the awesome little torties you are!

Thank you so much! We love to make our friends happy. Big tortie kisses!

Dad mowed the lawn today so we got fresh lawn clippings for breakfast. Pulled from the ground and already half chewed, lawn clippings are a lazy tort’s dream buffet.

Hi Waffles! This is a kind of follow up question to the pyramiding, and it's kind of a terrible question but... is it possible to get very bad pyramiding surgically removed to help relieve that kind of weight?

Hello! Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to fix a pyramided shell. All you can do is give your tort the right needs and stop it from progressing and getting worse.

Hi Waffles! I noticed in a past post you mentioned pyramiding shell-wise. So I wanted to ask, is it bad for a tortoise to have a pyramided shell? Yours looks a little bit like it is, so can I assume its not bad?

Hello friend! Pyramiding is most definately not good for a tortie. It adds extra weight to their shell, puts pressure on our organs and is a big sign of unhealthiness. My shell is not pyramided but I do have very small bumps but nothing to be concerned about. It’s not very often we see a captive and mainly indoors tort with a perfectly round shell. Mango on the other hand has a badly pyramided shell because she wasn’t properly taken care of for the first two years of her life. He shell is hard and growing much better but she will always have her bumps.

Beans! There are donuts in here! Let’s bust them out before mom catches us!
(Note: mom caught us before noms were had)

I figured out what you forgot to do this summer Mango. You forgot to grow!