Waffles, would you like to meet The Senator? He's a Russian Tortoise, so much smaller then you. But he's very friendly and enjoys mixed salad greens, plantain, dandelion leaves, the occasional fruit, and violets!

Most definately! Unless he’s that creepy senator from the Walking Dead in which case, I’m not interested.

A question for mango- what does the "L." stand for in your name?

The L is for Leopard because that’s what kind or tort she is. My S is for sulcata. Unofficially though, Mango says the L is for Louise and I say my S is for sexy.

Hello, Waffles! You are such a cute tortoise! I was wondering how old you are, and what is your favorite tortoise-friendly food?!

Hello! I am a year and seven months old and I love dandies and hibiscus :}

I love how well your mom takes care of you. Tell her i have learned a lot from her. You are adorable and should be very proud to have a loving mom like yours.

Thank you friend! We love mom and will tell her your message :}

ellenkirkpatrick replied to your photo post “Don’t you two have a loft? Or is this a second indoor romping area?”

Hi Ellen! This is the same area as we have had for awhile. Mom had to take the loft down once I went through my growth spurt because I could climb out and she didn’t want me to hurt myself.

As you saw the other day, mom made our indoor pen bigger for the upcoming winter. Well today she made it into a home. First she brought in our hibiscus because it can’t survive in the snow. Then she added a breakfast bar so we could graze when the grass is all gone. Mom says there are still a couple of tweaks to be done but we are happy and have been up stomping well past our bed time.

Mom’s out today so I get to be bad! Come here you tasty little cactus you!

Mom’s out today so I get to be bad! Come here you tasty little cactus you!

Busy day again. Mom kicked us outside for the day but didn’t tell us why. We didn’t mind except that it was getting late and we wanted to come in. When we did come in, we found out why. Mom expanded our home for the winter! Now I have lots of room to stomp while mom is working. She says she still has to make it pretty but the hard work is done. Me and Mango explored it together and then had a snack before going to bed.

But she has a lot of crevices in her she'll and although it isn't like your other tort, her she'll is not smooth like waffles. It just sort of happened when she got bigger. I keep her very well kept and am curious as to why this is happening?

Hello! Is there anything that has changed in the way your tort is being taken care of? Is he eating grasses and hays? What about natural sunlight? We know first hand that we can’t be outside all the time (we are Canadian torts) but outside sun does wonders for us. Does your tort have a water dish and some humidity in their pen? If the air is too dry that can male your tort pyramid. Also, I have heard that as a tort gets big, a heat lamp may not be letting them get warm enough because the shell is getting thicker. These are just a couple of ideas I have, hope maybe something pops out. Good luck!

Omg I just found this blog and I am so happy! I am a huge turtle/tortoise lover, have been for as long as I can remember (I have a red eared slider I got for Christmas when I was three and I'm 21 now) and you are so cute!!! I've been thinking about getting a land turtle for about 2 years but as I'm in college I think I'll have to wait until I could be sure I could give it the best care. Any breed you would recommend for someone starting out though?

Hello friend! You must have one lucky and happy turtle to get to spend so many years with you. You make turtle moms proud :}
If you would like a tortoise, size is usually a big thing to consider. If you want a small tort, a european one would be best. A midsize tort would be like a redfoot or a leopard and if you want big and sexy, go with a sulcata like me. After taking care of a turtle, you will probably find a tortoise to be pretty easy afterall, we don’t have a smelly tank to clean! I would recommend going to Tortoise Forum to check out the different kinds of torts to see what’s best for you. Good luck!