But she has a lot of crevices in her she'll and although it isn't like your other tort, her she'll is not smooth like waffles. It just sort of happened when she got bigger. I keep her very well kept and am curious as to why this is happening?

Hello! Is there anything that has changed in the way your tort is being taken care of? Is he eating grasses and hays? What about natural sunlight? We know first hand that we can’t be outside all the time (we are Canadian torts) but outside sun does wonders for us. Does your tort have a water dish and some humidity in their pen? If the air is too dry that can male your tort pyramid. Also, I have heard that as a tort gets big, a heat lamp may not be letting them get warm enough because the shell is getting thicker. These are just a couple of ideas I have, hope maybe something pops out. Good luck!

Omg I just found this blog and I am so happy! I am a huge turtle/tortoise lover, have been for as long as I can remember (I have a red eared slider I got for Christmas when I was three and I'm 21 now) and you are so cute!!! I've been thinking about getting a land turtle for about 2 years but as I'm in college I think I'll have to wait until I could be sure I could give it the best care. Any breed you would recommend for someone starting out though?

Hello friend! You must have one lucky and happy turtle to get to spend so many years with you. You make turtle moms proud :}
If you would like a tortoise, size is usually a big thing to consider. If you want a small tort, a european one would be best. A midsize tort would be like a redfoot or a leopard and if you want big and sexy, go with a sulcata like me. After taking care of a turtle, you will probably find a tortoise to be pretty easy afterall, we don’t have a smelly tank to clean! I would recommend going to Tortoise Forum to check out the different kinds of torts to see what’s best for you. Good luck!

Epic backyard adventure! I helped mom out in the backyard with some upkeep of the gardens. First we did weeding in areas where they aren’t supposed to grow, then I picked up scraps from hibiscus. After that I inspected the gardens to make sure everything was up to snuff. I disapproved of the slightly elevated rock I got stuck on. When we were done, it was time to go back inside to unwind and cuddle with sloth.

How old is Waffles the tortoise? And how many inches in diameter?

Hello! I am a year and seven months old, 4 1/2 lbs and 9 1/2” long :}

We just saw your ask from an anon about anon's sleeping Russian tort. I am a Russian tort, too, and I do the same thing every couple of weeks. I also sleep more when it's quiet and boring in the house. Sleeping lots is perfectly normal for a baby tort--we need lots of sleep just like human babies! I once slept for 5 days straight before Mom woke me up to eat. As long as anon's tort is eating and pooping well, and alert when awake, everything should be fine. :) ~Kirby

Thank you best friend Kirby for your helpful advice!


Dear Waffles, I’ve noticed how big you got over the summer. It happens really fast for sulcata tortoises. As I am an expert on BIG I thought I would share some things about getting closer to that 100 pound marker.

You’re gonna need a bigger blanket.

Indoors starts looking a bit small

So honoured to have friend and mentor Frankie devote a blog post to me! Frankie will teach me all there is to know about being a big boy. I can’t wait to hump mom’s ottoman!

Hello everyone! Over the past little while, our friend Jeff has been really sick. Now that he is home and recovering, his family has been given a huge hospital bill that they are struggling to pay. Jeff and Barbara have been a big help in helping raise me and Mango and have always been supportive and non judgmental. Mom, Me and Mango would like to help by hosting an online Scentsy fundraiser to help Jeff and his family with their medical bills. Scentsy is a wickless and flame free altenative to candles. They also offer bath products, stuffies (which we love) and other ways to keep just about anywhere smelling wonderful. Please check out mom’s website and shop for a great cause. Whether it’s for you or a gift for a loved one, my entire commission will be donated to the Robertsons so they can focus on feeding torts and not on hospital bills. Just click on the “Get Better Jeff” fundraiser when checking out. The fundraiser is on for two weeks beginning today so spread the love and let’s make this awesome!


P.S. Look how happy Jeff makes torties!

I don’t care if you saw other torts on the internet playing with it. I am not a dog!

I don’t care if you saw other torts on the internet playing with it. I am not a dog!

Well it’s about time you came to get me. This blankie isn’t moving itself.

Well it’s about time you came to get me. This blankie isn’t moving itself.

Ohh comparing your shell to Mangoes made me understand pyramiding much better! I thought it was what your shell looked like Waffles! Im glad you mentioned that picture, definitely helped! Thank you! <3

That’s what we are here for. Helping humans and torties one post at a time :}