Hello Waffles! I have a young Russian tort, he's a few months old, and I've only had him for a month. When I first got him he was very active and was always up and about! But in the past week he's been sleeping almost all day inbetween eating and taking his daily bath. I suspect it may have something to do with the change of season, but I'm worried about him. Is this normal?

Hello friend! I have heard of sleepy torts, mostly from mom describing us in the winter! It seems a bit early for your tort to be thinking about hibernation so I wonder if maybe it’s quite hot in your area. When it’s hot, me and Mango like to hide and sleep all day because it’s too uncomfortable to roam about and graze. As long as your tort is eating, drinking and doing business as usual, I’m pretty sure he is doing ok. You should check out our friend Katie’s blog. She specializes in Russian torts and knows so much on how to raise them. She also invented the tortoise cozies that our moms all love. The address is:
Say hello to your tortie for us.

It wasn’t me!

How difficult is a Sulcata for a first time tortoise? My local pet store has a baby Sulcata and a baby Red Footed Tortoise and I like the Sulcata more. I have a lot of experience with reptiles and understand how big they get (I live in the country with plenty of space!) I just didn't know if they were particularly difficult to care for?

Hello! Mom says taking care of is isn’t much more work than taking care of the dogs. She feeds us once a day, picks up our poop and tucks us in at night. We do like our morning bath. She gave me one every day for the first year but we only get one once a week in the summer and every other day during the dry winter. I guess the big difference between us and a red foot is that they need even more humidity than us and out diets are very different. Mom would like to get a red foot friend but dad says no.

After seeing how much you and Mango loved hibiscus, I looked to see if my yellow-bellied sliders could safely have them. The answer is yes and my guys LOVE the blooms. They have yet to master sneaking up on them. Instead they sling water everywhere.

Hibiscus are such a tasty, seasonal treat. Of course, now that Mango likes them I have to share them all the time. Either mom needs to find more hibiscus or Mango needs a new favourite flower.

hai waffles! i was wondering if i could use your picture as a cover image on my blog. just wanted to share your beauty with everyone else, if thats alright with you c:

Sure you can! I think my face should be everywhere :}

It’s a late post today since I spent the day outside. Time to come in for my evening snuggles with sloth.

It’s a late post today since I spent the day outside. Time to come in for my evening snuggles with sloth.

I’ve been trying to hide it for ages but mom finally caught my tickle bum on camera. I’ll never be taken seriously as a tough guy

Hello Waffles! I was wondering what your mom or you thinks about using coco fiber w/ maybe a top soil mix for a hatchling enclosure? I'm looking at getting a Russian & I can't really do an outdoor pen in my neighborhood. (Dogs & other fur beasties..)

Hello! Our pen is a topsoil/reptibark mix. Coco fibre is good too because it will help hold the humidity. In the winter mom puts grass seed in our pen so we have fresh noms. It’s also nice to walk in when we can’t go outside for a few months too.


I think I’m done. It really would look better with a background, but I give. I’m afraid I’d mess up what I have so far.
Either way, this is Waffles the tortious from Wafflesworld. Its a super cute blog dedicated to this little tortious’ adventures in this world.
I no longer have any idea how long this took to paint, but I think I like the end result.

Look at this wonderful painting my friend dragon-torn-6-art made of me! It’s super beautiful and I love it. Thank you so much for all your hard work :}

Before our outdoor pen was built, we had and area in the garden penned off for us. Here is me and Mango having a good stomp through the garden.